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KCIF New York

KCIF New York

In charge of collecting Information and expanding KCIF’s global network

Opened on November 1, 2005 in New York to assist global networking activities
and to collect up-to-date information directly from Wall Street

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Information Gathering

Collects high quality, up-to-date information and viewpoints related to the Korean economy and major issues in the international financial markets

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Expands communication networks with Wall Street professionals and other opinion leaders

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IR Support

Supports overseas IR activities of the Korean Government through surveys on global investor interests in Korea, etc.


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    Hosang Choi Representative 212-661-0428

    HoSang Choi is the Chief Representative of NY office. He joined KCIF in 2011.
    He began his career in the research institute at KIET(Korea Institute for Economics and Trade) in 1997.
    Previously, Mr. Choi was a research fellow for Samsung Economic Research Institute(SERI).
    Mr. Choi received a B.A. in economics from SungKyunKwan University, and earned a Ph. D in Economics from Sogang University.

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    Charles T. Kimball Managing Director 212-661-0549

    MBA Stanford University, economics and finance focus, 1971

    BA Harvard University With Honors in economics 1967

    1971-2006 JP Morgan Asset Management

    2010 KCIF NY Managing Director

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    Chiyon Yu Executive Assistant 212-661-0281

    BA Stony Brook University, Psychology 2003

    2005 KCIF NY Executive Assistant