kcif 국제금융센터

KCIF 국제금융센터




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  • Market Monitoring 24/7 Monitors the international financial market around the clock as the government’s watchdog, publishing ‘Daily Financial Markets Monitor’ reports
  • Reports Produces around 2,000 reports annually including in-depth analyses, briefings, and Wall Street assessments on global economic and financial market issues, most of which are used by the government, National Assembly, and the press
  • High-level Meetings Participates in over 60 meetings a year to discuss international financial market conditions and policies with the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Bank of Korea and other government agencies
  • Seminars & Forums Hosts various seminars and forums including Economic and Financial Market Outlook seminar(Nov), S&P Global Ratings Outlook seminar (Sep), and Overseas Financing Strategy seminar (Dec)
  • Government Bond-Assistance Provides professional advice for the government’s issuance of Foreign Exchange Equalization Bond on market and cost analyses, lead arrangers, etc. (Recent Issue size: ’17 - U$1b, ’18 - U$1b, ’19 - U$1.5b, ’20 - U$0.625b)
  • International-Cooperation Participated in G20 ‘International Financial Architecture’ (IFA, France) and Bank of Korea’s ‘Korea Partnership Program’ (KPP, Vietnam) to share the experiences of operating EWS